The Master Cleanse Diet: Are You Sure It’s Right For You?

The Master Cleanse Diet may seem like a new fad that celebrities and weight loss enthusiasts are trying to shed those unwanted pounds quickly, but the truth is it has been around for over 70 years. Also called the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, this easy to make and easy to ingest concoction has taken physical maintenance, for both health and weight, to new heights. A safe and economic approach to losing weight and detoxing the body has never been easier to accomplish! What’s more is that with its popularity, there are support systems around the globe that will help keep those who undergo the process on track, and ready to take on the world!

Where did this diet originate?

First discovered in the early 1940s by Stanley Burroughs, an inventor and proponent of alternative health solutions, the master cleanse diet was eventually released to the public through a book entitled “The Master Cleanser” in the 1950s. Mr. Burroughs believed that by detoxifying the body naturally, the immune system would respond with resounding health by losing unwanted fat cells that corralled toxins. This ideology of cleansing the body to receive the maximum health benefits naturally was once again revived in the mid-1970s with the release of another book by Mr. Burroughs, “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.”

How did the diet become popular again?

Practiced by everyone from housewives to Beyoncé and Jared Leto to guys at the gym looking for an edge in weight loss efficiency, the Master Cleanse reviews are in: It Works! Losing weight quickly is just one of the prosperous side effects of this easy access diet. The overall benefits of detoxifying the entire body from gut to skin, hair, and blood stream allows a more balanced and proficient immune system to emerge on the other side of the ten day plan.

The overall popularity is the result of witnessing those who have completed the plan actually lose weight, develop a healthier complexion, and emit an outward, flourishing disposition. The results are amazing and life changing.

What Do You Need to Know about Master Cleanse?

Before taking on such a dramatic approach to health and prosperity, users must prepare themselves for what is on the horizon. The diet is simple, and thereby inexpensive to practice, making it even more popular. Tea, Lemonade, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper are the essential ingredients to the Master Cleanse Diet recipe.

However, you need to know that food is out of the question during this time, and that there will be side effects. First, you will be hungry and have cravings. It is completely normal. You are also going to be bored and tired at times, but these symptoms will subside with each passing day. Using food to pass the time, or for the purpose of social interaction, is a giant hurdle to surpass during the ten day period. It is important to enlist the help of friends, family and loved ones along the way, to decrease temptation.

Why It Works

The Master Cleanse Diet is really a lifestyle transformation. Not only is the dieter relieving their body of toxin storing fat cells during the 10 day plan, but they are also advancing to a healthier lifestyle in anticipation of keeping the weight off and feeling better full time. This means making smarter food selections, exercising, and adding positive thinking to their daily routines.
It also means seeing foods differently, and understanding what a toxic imbalance can mean to the immune system and your overall health. It is definitely more than a diet, and should be viewed as such to anyone participating in the program.

How to Achieve Success with the diet

The first step to success is approaching the diet with positivity. When dieters are aware of the full benefits, and are excited about a boosted immune system and increased vitality at the end, they are more likely to succeed with the diet in its entirety. You must avoid discussing the topic of food with friends all together in order to prevent any negativity. The process must be approached with the excitement and discipline to succeed.

Because of this wavering effect that cleansing has on individuals, the success rates vary across the board. However, those who stick with the plan, and use the system as a detailed diet, success abounds through an improved overall health and weight loss.
Certainly one of the keys to success of this product is thoughtful preparation for the diet as well as a careful transformation from the diet back to regular food.

What have people said about master cleanse?

The master cleanse has been tremendously successful for thousands of people. Just take a look at the following testimonials:

Lori stated this:

During the first cleanse I lost almost 35 lbs, but more importantly, I felt alive again!

And this from Noel:

I did the Master Cleanse for 31 days (waited till my tongue turned pink again) this spring. I had never felt better!! The amount of energy was endless, and I felt awesome!! On top of feeling great, I lost 80 pounds!! I couldn’t believe it when I started trying on my clothes!! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible information!!

As you note here, Noel has even done the cleanse for many days past the actual 10 day plan which just goes to show that this diet plan can certainly be accomplished. It appears that it works so well that it can almost be addicting!

Are There Any Health Concerns?

The cleanse is not a substitute for prescribed medication or orders dictated by a medical doctor. It is important to recognize monitored health issues prior to initiating the cleanse, and taking care not to disrupt the body’s overall health as a result. Although it is a safe and effective way to lose weight and absolve the system of waste, it is not for everyone. If you have medical issues that require a doctor’s supervision, please check with your medical professional before adopting this unique plan.

Where can you get this product?

There are many offers that you will see on the Internet for the master cleanse diet. It is imperative that you research these products thoroughly in order to assure that the genuine product is being sold. If you do plan to try this particular product, here are some useful points. Firstly, the price of the product is $16.95 which is a reasonably competitive price compared to other sites, although there are places where you may find a lower price. However, be careful to research and find out if the product offered is genuine. Secondly, the product offered here is from the official website at the link below. Any offer other than this one could very well be a misrepresentation. Upon payment you can have immediate access to the original written product.

Based on our research, we believe that Master Cleanse is an excellent alternative weight loss method that produces fantastic results. The price is very good, and you can get instant access. For these reasons, we highly recommend this product without reservation.

What Is The Best Detox Diet?

Detoxification diets have been in existence for thousands of years, though in the past they were used almost always as methods for meditation or overall cleansing of the mind and body. Detox diets have been used in certain religions as a way to get more in touch with the body, but in today’s world they are used to rid the body of toxins and chemicals, and to achieve very quick weight loss. If you have been thinking about trying a detox diet, then making sure that you are using the best detox diet is essential.

Why Should You Detox?

The first thing that you will need to determine is just what you hope to achieve with your cleanse or detox diet. In some cases, people are interested only in quick weight loss, and that is certainly a legitimate goal, but there are other reasons why people go on these diets. For instance, a cleansing diet is the best way to give your organs, specifically your liver and kidneys, a break from all of the toxins that you are putting into your system.

Another reason why people go on this kind of a diet is because it actually provides them with a great deal of energy after the first day or two are over. This is a great way to start a new year, a new season, or just the beginning of the month.

What Should You Expect?

If you have talked to about cleansing to your friends, then you may have heard some horror stories about people who were essentially trapped in their bathroom for days on end, and although you should expect some serious bathroom time, it doesn’t have to be that severe. By choosing the best detox diet, you will be able to achieve the same level of a cleanse without the cramping, diarrhea, or extended bathroom time that are often the hallmark of an inferior cleanse.

When you hear people talk about the added energy and feeling of satisfaction that they get during a cleanse, it is important to note that you will probably not feel that during the first 24 to 48 hours. During that time, you might even feel more tired than normal as your body adjusts to your change in diet and works at eliminating toxins and excess waste from your system. But, if you can make it through that period of time, then you will be home free!

What Should You Look Out For?

Before you go on a cleanse or detox diet, make sure that you are healthy enough to do so, and that usually means talking to your doctor. A cleanse may interfere with medications that you are taking, and you should talk to your doctor about that. Also, if you are an athlete, then you might want to refrain from excessive training during the first few days of the cleanse.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are some cleansing products that are overly harsh on your system and actually contain chemicals, which is contrary to the point of the cleanse. So, making sure that you choose a high quality product or diet that is free from chemicals and completely natural is important if you want to achieve all of your specific cleansing goals.

Which Product Is Best?

master cleanse

One of the most popular methods for achieving a complete detoxification and cleansing of the body is a program called the Master Cleanse Diet. This is actually based on the original lemon, pepper, and honey or syrup cleanse, which has been in use for many years – but this is safer, more pleasant, and actually more effective.


This program would actually be considered to be a juice fast, primarily because it uses lemon juice as the liquid with which you are flushing out your system, but it differs from other juice fasts in that it doesn’t use excess amounts of fiber in order to achieve the cleanse.


There are a few reasons why this remains one of the most popular cleansing systems today – it is affordable, you don’t have to buy a lot of special foods or ingredients, and it is very quick. In a matter of days, your entire body will be cleaned out, leaving you with more energy, more vitality, a lot less weight, and all of the other benefits that go along with a safe and natural cleanse.

Will This Work for You?


Whether you are looking to lose ten to fifteen pounds very quickly (which is the estimated amount of waste found in the average person’s intestinal system), or you want to rid your body of noxious substances for health or spiritual reasons, choosing the best detox diet for your body and your state of health is important. Obviously, a diet that is gentle and natural, and one that is proven is the best way to go.

The Master Cleanse Diet – The Keys To Success

The master cleanse diet is a modified liquid fast that detoxifies the body without the use of surgery or drugs. Introduced during the 1940s and then again

several decades later, the diet is still popular with individuals who want to help rid the body of environmental toxins found in certain foods and

polluted air. Because the plan creates a calorie deficit, most people experience significant weight loss during the fast.

What does the diet do?

Individuals on the master cleanse diet, which is a diet involving a lemonade mixture, must follow the guidelines exactly for the best results. The process

will take 10 days – more for individuals who wish to continue the fast until complete detoxification. There are only a few steps to follow but individuals

who deviate from the plan will not achieve the results they desire.

Because the master cleanse diet is a fast, it is typically not a long term program. Most individuals will experience drastic weight loss initially. Much

of that weight loss is due to a loss of water weight and the elimination of fecal matter that is essentially clogging the intestines. The main goal for

individuals on this plan is to promote health and detoxify the body.

What are potential pitfalls?

Many people may find it difficult to complete the entire cleanse, and this would mean that their efforts could be wasted. Proper preparation before

embarking on the plan will ensure that individuals avoid the common mistakes that can prevent them from successfully completing the program. The proper

transition back to regular food after completion is just as important.

How to prepare

Choose a day to start the program and mark it on a calendar. Mental preparation should begin approximately three days before starting the program. Many

individuals find it helpful to write down the benefits they expect to receive by completing the plan. This gives them something to focus on and look

forward to as they go through the process.

Prepare a list of low impact activities to keep the mind occupied while on the master cleanse diet. Individuals want to avoid having a lot of free time

with nothing to do so they do not start thinking about food. Resisting the temptation to cheat is easier if the mind remains focused on other things.

Keys while on the diet

Another helpful tip is to empty the house of all food items. Some people believe they have enough willpower to skip this step but doing so is a mistake.

When the hunger pangs start, having food readily available will be too much to overcome and the frustration of seeing food without being able to consume

it can sabotage the entire program and lead to failure.

Most people will stick to the fast for no longer than ten days. Some people are able to maintain the program for a longer period of time, but those who

are trying it for the first time should stick with the ten-day limit to see how the body reacts. The body eventually needs nourishment from regular food

but transitioning back to a normal diet must happen slowly to avoid health problems.

Successful tips after concluding the diet

On the first day after completing the master cleanse diet, individuals should drink plenty of water and orange juice. Water is essential to overall health

while orange juice helps the body begin to adjust to the digestion of regular food. Individuals should drink slowly and give the liquid time to settle.

By the second day, individuals should consume light, healthy soups. Vegetable soups are easy for the stomach to digest. Add some rye wafers as the first

step to reintroducing solid foods.

Meals for the next three days should include fresh vegetables and fruits. The stomach can easily digest these healthy choices and absorb the necessary

nutrients. Continue to drink plenty of water to prepare the stomach for digesting complex foods.

Getting back to normal food

Once the body has adjusted, it is possible to start easing back into a normal eating routine. It is best to avoid milk and meats for at least a couple

weeks. Meats are difficult to digest and milk can have a negative effect on the stomach during this transition period.

Because the master cleanse diet requires discipline, mental preparation and remaining focused on the goal are crucial to its success. Individuals who

follow the program without deviation have a better chance of reaching their goals. Eliminating temptation during the fast and following the proper steps

for a transition back to normal eating routines is the most effective way for individuals to achieve the results they desire.