The Master Cleanse Diet – The Keys To Success

The master cleanse diet is a modified liquid fast that detoxifies the body without the use of surgery or drugs. Introduced during the 1940s and then again

several decades later, the diet is still popular with individuals who want to help rid the body of environmental toxins found in certain foods and

polluted air. Because the plan creates a calorie deficit, most people experience significant weight loss during the fast.

What does the diet do?

Individuals on the master cleanse diet, which is a diet involving a lemonade mixture, must follow the guidelines exactly for the best results. The process

will take 10 days – more for individuals who wish to continue the fast until complete detoxification. There are only a few steps to follow but individuals

who deviate from the plan will not achieve the results they desire.

Because the master cleanse diet is a fast, it is typically not a long term program. Most individuals will experience drastic weight loss initially. Much

of that weight loss is due to a loss of water weight and the elimination of fecal matter that is essentially clogging the intestines. The main goal for

individuals on this plan is to promote health and detoxify the body.

What are potential pitfalls?

Many people may find it difficult to complete the entire cleanse, and this would mean that their efforts could be wasted. Proper preparation before

embarking on the plan will ensure that individuals avoid the common mistakes that can prevent them from successfully completing the program. The proper

transition back to regular food after completion is just as important.

How to prepare

Choose a day to start the program and mark it on a calendar. Mental preparation should begin approximately three days before starting the program. Many

individuals find it helpful to write down the benefits they expect to receive by completing the plan. This gives them something to focus on and look

forward to as they go through the process.

Prepare a list of low impact activities to keep the mind occupied while on the master cleanse diet. Individuals want to avoid having a lot of free time

with nothing to do so they do not start thinking about food. Resisting the temptation to cheat is easier if the mind remains focused on other things.

Keys while on the diet

Another helpful tip is to empty the house of all food items. Some people believe they have enough willpower to skip this step but doing so is a mistake.

When the hunger pangs start, having food readily available will be too much to overcome and the frustration of seeing food without being able to consume

it can sabotage the entire program and lead to failure.

Most people will stick to the fast for no longer than ten days. Some people are able to maintain the program for a longer period of time, but those who

are trying it for the first time should stick with the ten-day limit to see how the body reacts. The body eventually needs nourishment from regular food

but transitioning back to a normal diet must happen slowly to avoid health problems.

Successful tips after concluding the diet

On the first day after completing the master cleanse diet, individuals should drink plenty of water and orange juice. Water is essential to overall health

while orange juice helps the body begin to adjust to the digestion of regular food. Individuals should drink slowly and give the liquid time to settle.

By the second day, individuals should consume light, healthy soups. Vegetable soups are easy for the stomach to digest. Add some rye wafers as the first

step to reintroducing solid foods.

Meals for the next three days should include fresh vegetables and fruits. The stomach can easily digest these healthy choices and absorb the necessary

nutrients. Continue to drink plenty of water to prepare the stomach for digesting complex foods.

Getting back to normal food

Once the body has adjusted, it is possible to start easing back into a normal eating routine. It is best to avoid milk and meats for at least a couple

weeks. Meats are difficult to digest and milk can have a negative effect on the stomach during this transition period.

Because the master cleanse diet requires discipline, mental preparation and remaining focused on the goal are crucial to its success. Individuals who

follow the program without deviation have a better chance of reaching their goals. Eliminating temptation during the fast and following the proper steps

for a transition back to normal eating routines is the most effective way for individuals to achieve the results they desire.

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